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Dealers! Our booth fee is the lowest of all Tucson shows on a cost per customer basis — the only fair way to compare shows. This 18-day event includes all three critical weekends of the Tucson event so that you can maximize your sales with 48,000-52,000 visitors.

The upscale SHOWCASE tent is sited immediately south of the familiar 800-foot long Main Tent, but the SHOWCASE is a finer experience for buyers and sellers. It features wall-to-wall carpeting, full climate-control, larger booths, high-end stage lighting, 10' high modular art walls and a spacious lobby with an impressive special exhibit. Here is a space with heightened elegance in a less-rushed environment that is perfect for mineral, gem, jewelry and fossil dealers who offer better material and wish to be part of Tucson's most-attended show. The SHOWCASE debuted with 30 booths in 2018 but has expanded to 86 booths for the 2019 show to accommodate new dealers who desire to exhibit in Tucson's finest venue. Benefits of the SHOWCASE include...

- Show dates and hours are the same as the Main Tent
- The booth fee varies by location but is about 20% more than booths in the Main Tent
- All carpeted 12'x20' booths include electricity, 10' art walls, and overhead stage lighting
- 24-hour security by armed, uniformed, personable, and well-trained security officers
- 24-hour video camera system
- Climate controlled with heat and air conditioning
- A 3,200 sq. foot lobby starts the buyer experience with a positive vibe
- Supported by a massive $150,000 billboard, internet, TV and magazine ad campaign

Below is the 130' long 2018 floor plan. The 2.5x longer 2019 floor plan will be updated in July.

These are the same walls and lighting that are used in the SHOWCASE Tent.

The 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show is presented by Eons Expos, the same brother-sister team
that brings you the Denver Coliseum Show every September and the NY / NJ Show every April.