2018 Exhibitor List and Floor Plan (will be updated to 2019 dealers during the summer)

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A Flair For Fashion, B1 
ABZ Gemstone Export, E22
Adamas Gems, C12b
Aerolite Meteorites, Inc., SHOWCASE Platinum #2
AF Gems High Grade Turquoise and Dinosaur Gem Bone, NW#3
Afghan Gems, D33
African Arts and Minerals, C1
Agate West, C3
Agates Ocean, A4
Alaska Scrimshaw Connection, E36
Amber America, E13
Ancient Lake Fossils Inc., E27 
Archy's Rock Shop, Inc., F31
Arkenstone, SHOWCASE C6 + C7
Arte Crystals LLC, SW1/2
Art of Decor, B22, C24/C25
Artesanias Loyola / Samixport S.A.C., D26/E26
Asfaw Kidane Ethiopian Opal and Emerald Gem Stone Export, E15
Avian Oasis, D20-21/E20-21
B&R Rock Shop, A14 
Bali Silver Jewelry, D7/E7
Beads Art, A30
Beautiful Leaves and Things, E35
Becker Stones, SHOWCASE D4
Best Solution, C8
Big Bear, D42
Birds in Stones Carvings, E43
Blue Crystal Mines, A17
Blue Ridge Gallery of Fine Art LLC, D17
Bright Star Gemstones LLC, C3
Brilliant Simulants (Jonathan & Associates), D23
Broken Arrow Mining, B15
Bruce Wood Minerals, A10
Butterflies By God, F29
Carneiro's Crystals, SHOWCASE A7
Caruso Design, D37
Creare Collective, SHOWCASE B1
Chandan Agate Arts, B9/C9
Chibukisho Mining & Trading Gem, C30b
Cleber Stones, E18
Colorado Rocks, C31
Creare Collective, SHOWCASE B1
CurioGrove, E32
Daniel Kinfe Ethiopian Opal Supplier, C20a
David Freeland Jr. Designs, B6
Del Rey Agates Gems & Minerals, SHOWCASE Lobby
Dinosaur Brokers, SHOWCASE Platinum #1
Dinosaurs of America (Dinosaur Company), F25/F26
Dinosaurs and More, E2
Dominus Cervix Int'l - STARGATE, D11
Dust Devil Mining Co., B17
Earth Art Gallery, NW#2
The Earth Scientist, C29b
Earth's Natural Art, SHOWCASE D2
Earthly Endeavors, B18
Elawar & Elawar Co., C30a
Eldorado Placers LLC, D44/E44
Emerald Fox Co / Mt St Helens Gems & Jewelry, SHOWCASE B7
Eramineral & Company, F22
Ethio Gems Lapidary and Mineral Export, C27b
Ethiopian Gems, F21b
Euphoralite, E42
Ezzaoui Mineral, A28
Fantasia Mining, B10-11/C10-11
Fashion Accessories, D15/D16
Felipe Barrera, D6
Fina Minerals, B12
Fine Fossils,F12 
Fine Gemstone, F4
Fossils d'ErFoud, A21 
Fossils.com, D19
Fossils_Meteorites.com, F13
Four Seasons Rainbow (Zhuhai) Trading Co. Ltd., A20
Four Winds, C30b
Freebourne Natural Gems, SHOWCASE D1
Gems Mart, LLC, F13
Gerard Pope, C15
Goldnik Inc, C8
Gostafe Mineral, A22
GSP Pedras do Brasil, C5
GuiLin Jindian Minerals Co. Ltd, D32
GuiLin JingYuan Mineral Shop, A6
Hagar's Fossils & Minerals, F5 
Hiba Minerals, A18
Himalaya Handmade, A9
Himalayan Gem & Jewelry, D10
Himalayan Healing Quartz, E16
Howling Moon Traders, B5
I Love Rocks, SHOWCASE C3
In The Beginning Fossils, NW#3, F1 
Indian Village Inc., D45
International Gems LLC, E23
Jalow & Brothers, C20b
JH Stone Galleria, D3
Juno Design, E45
K2 Gems & Minerals (Pvt) Ltd, E9
Khorasan Gems and Minerals Suppliers, A13
Khyber Gem Stone, B29
King Garnet Ltd, D18
Kings of Coprolite, F21a
Kobra Import Export, F20
Larbi Imports, C29a
Laser Trees, D14
Lauratas Inc., E34
Leighton Minerals dba "The Tourmaline Guys", SHOWCASE D5
Life Stone Gems & Minerals, B13/C13
Lindgren Fossils LLC, B3
Luxor Imp. Exp. Inc., SHOWCASE B6

Mada Vato, F8
Madagascar Galet & Mineraux, D35/D36
Madagascar Import SEAM, B31/B32,C32
Madagascar Specimens, A27
Mahzar International, E4
Mandala Handicrafts, D12
Mariano Gems, A31
Matrix India, F7
Meteoriten Show, A5
Mibladen Mineraux, B20/B21
Michigan Rocks and Minerals, SHOWCASE D3
Mimona Selenites and Fossils, SHOWCASE B2 + B3
Minas Cristais SWX, D5
Minas Minerals, C21
Miner's Pick Rock Shop, D38
Minerales Alpamayo, D22
Mineralphil Madagascar, D24-25/E24-25
Minerama, D43/E43
Morning Sun Jewelry, F6 
Moroccan Agate and Fossil, E41
Morocco Minerals, A24/A25
Mosselin Stones, SHOWCASE A1 + A2 +A3
Multi Color Gems & Minerals / The Stone Linkers, E17
Mystic Earth Gems, E18
Natural Expressions, Inc., E11
Nature and Art Company, SHOWCASE A4 + A5 
Naturel Art, E38
Nayab Gems & Minerals, E19
New York Fossil, D34
Nett Traders, SHOWCASE D1
Noema Gems, D41
Noral Southwest Jewelers, D28
Nouhyla Minerals, B24/B25
Nutmeg Treasures, B8
NZ Bismuth, E6
Oceanic Linkways, North Tent
Om-Mantra, A28
Old Pueblo, tbd
One of A Kind Designer Cabochons, F10
Opal Art Australia, E5
Orca Gems and Opals, D8
Ouhaddou Freres, F15
Oura-Decoration & Antiquities, E37
Ouro Preto Gem Stones, F9
Ozzie Boulder Opals, E12
Pacific Minerals, D30
PAK Designs, C6
PaleoBond, SHOWCASE Platinum #1
Pangaea Industries, F18/F19
Pearl Creation Trading, B26
PG Gemstone Inc., B4/C4
PJD Minerals, Str8 From the Source Crystals, SHOWCASE A6
Prospectors (The Weather Channel Series), C31
Quiet Bear Art, D40
R. Stratton Knives, E26
Rainbow Rocks and Minerals, D27/E30/D31/E31
Rare Earth Gallery, B22, C24/C25
Rare Earth Mining Co., C26
Ravenstein Mining Co., A19
Red Gallery, SHOWCASE A4 + A5
Relics II, C18/C19
Rio Grande Pedras, F3
Robbins Jewelry, B2/C2
Rock Art, C17
Rockology, F32
Rojas Minerals y Artesania, E33
Rossi & Souza - Quality in Crystals, A8
S&S Gems, A15/A32
S&S Gold & Diamond, B14/C14
Schwartz Fine Minerals, B19
Sea Art, C28
Sherpa KO Inc, D39
Show Off Lighting (PAK Designs), C6
Show Office, SHOWCASE Booths D7 + D8
Smilodon Resources, F14 
Some Distant World, D1/D2 
Soul Currents, LLC, A26 
Sparco International Inc., C22 
SRD Contracting Inc, A29
Stone, E10
Stone Circle Studio, F23
Stone Styles, D29
Stonebridge Imports Ltd, D9
Suncrystal Mining, B17
Tamara Michelle Jewelry, A32
Teller de Artesanieas y Opalo, A11
Throwin' Stones, F2
Tibetan Souvenir, A3
Treasure Island Jewelry, D13
Triebold Paleontology, F17
True Frequency Products, E1
UKS Quartzo Imp. Exp. Ltda, E39/E40, F27/F28
Unconventional Lapidarist, F30
UPS, in the North Foodcourt
Vter Young Gemstones, SHOWCASE D1
Wari Designs, C12a
Way Too Cool, E46
West Rock, B30
Whittaker's, D46
Wild West Rock and Jewelry, F24
Woodnotch, E14
World Stones and Art LLC, D4
WR Cut Stone, F11
Wyoming Fossils, A2 
Youbcompany, B28
Yunnan Viewing Stone Center, A12
Zeder Co. International / Oregon Institute of Geological Research, NW#1/A1



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